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Dallas Website Design Company
Payment Policy



Dallas Website Design Company payment policy is as follows:

We send invoices for annual hosting renewals by email on approximately the 1st of each month for all payments that come due during the following month.

Payments are to be received in our offices by the due date on the invoice, usually the 1st of the month.

Account payments due on, but not received by the 1st of the month are then sent a reminder email stating that we have not yet received your payment, and at that time a 7 day cutoff notice is issued.

If after 7 days past the due date, payment is not received and no contact to us has been made (email, phone or even a text message are acceptable contact methods) to request an extension or to let us know when payment will be received, we send an additional email to let you know that your services (web hosting, email, etc.) will be suspended at the end of business that day.

If your account reaches suspension status, an additional $25.00 re-connect fee is accessed and is added to the original invoice. At that time, full payment must be received before services can be restored.



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